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Thomas Brown is a Firearms Instructor who appears as an Expert Witness in New Hampshire and Massachusetts courts.

He has investigated cases and testified on behalf of individuals charged with firearm and use of force related issues. As a New Hampshire licensed Private Investigator, he has provided evidence and material to the courts, bringing a level of expertise and knowledge needed in firearm cases.

Having been an instructor for over 20 years and trained over 15,000 students, his knowledge and experience has helped attorneys prepare their cases for trial. As a New Hampshire Court Officer, he is familiar with the court system.

Initial consultation to consider taking a case is free. Contact our office to setup an appointment.

Thomas Brown's Experience

1999 to Present, Master Firearm Instructor at Manchester Firing Line Range, Manchester New Hampshire.  . Responsibilities include:

  • Provide NH Firearms Certification and deadly force instruction for Private Investigators Bail enforcement Officers and Armed Guards

  • Teach NRA courses (Basic Pistol, Personal Protection In the Home, Personal Protection In Outside Home,  and Range Officer Safety.

  • Teach MFL classes (Practical Handgun Clinic, Advanced Handgun Clinic, Residential Rifle Clinic and Commercial Range Officer Safety

  • Provide private instruction for individual students at all levels.

  • Opening and running the range for these classes

  • Qualify MFL the NH State Police Standard

  • Create and maintain Range Rules for the facility

  • Teach LEOSA courses for MA agency retired Officers (regardless of state residence)

  • Create new courses and materials as needed


1990 to Present,   Senior Tactical Instructor/Senior Range Officer with the Tactical Arts Group of New Hampshire.  Responsibilities include:

  • Creating and maintaining the SOPs for the range where our events are held.

  • Instruct students in shooting and tactics in our live-fire shoothouse.

  • Opening the range to public for our posted scheduled events.

  • Create and review shooting scenarios/COFs for our range events prior to their use.

  • Assist in the training of ROs to become Senior ROs.

  • Identify and recommend TAG members for enrollment in the RO training program.

  • Establish standards and levels of proficiency for recognition/performance awards.


2005 to Present,   NH Licensed Private Investigator – currently with The Estey Associates  Responsibilities include:

  • License Number 71853

  • Interview individuals for  various cases for trial

  • Surveillance.

  • Armed security.

  • Collaborate with Attorneys 


Instructor/Training Credentials:

NRA Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor

Sig Sauer LEO Instructor

Sig Sauer LEO Patrol Rifle Instructor

Law of Defense Instructor Graduate

Sig Sauer Master Pistol Instructor

Tactical Arts Group member – Senior Tactical Instructor

NRA certified Instructor, Basic Pistol, Shotgun and Personal Protection 

NRA certified Chief Range Safety Officer

Massachusetts State Firearm Instructor #BFS00872

Massachusetts LEOSA Instructor

Simuntion LE Instructor


Member of:

  • The International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association (ILEETA)

  • The International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors (IALEFI)

  • The Massachusetts Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors & Armorers Association (MLEFIAA)


Range Officer Safety classes:

  • NRA Range Officer safety classes at Chester Fish and Game

  • Manchester Firing Line 

  • BAE Corporation, where only after completing the RSO class taught by Tom Brown, their employees are allowed to be on the range where BAE military and defense products were to be tested.


Classes taught:

MFL Commercial Range Officer Safety Class - designed for Commercial Ranges


National Rifle Association - Basic Pistol, NRA Personal Protection in the Home, NRA Personal Protection Outside the Home, NRA Range Safety Officer.

Manchester Firing Line - Practical Handgun Clinic, Advanced Handgun Clinic, New Gun Owners Seminar, Basic Pistol, Basic Rifle and Residential/Tactical Rifle Clinic, CCW’s Role in a an Active Shooter Situation

New Hampshire State Police - Firearms Certification class for Armed Professionals

Massachusetts LEOSA Course

Critical Defense Institute - Simuntion 100, Simunition 200, Tactical Shotgun Course

Firearm Safety for Armed PIs qualification course - to NHLI (New Hampshire League Of Investigators)

Use of Force for NH Armed Private Investigator - to NHLI (New Hampshire League Of Investigators)


Classes taken:

Counter Ambush Skill & Tactics – 2019

NH Court Officer Training - 2019

FEMA IS-00100.c – 2019

Emergency Care and Safety Institute Course – 2019

Incident Response to Terrorist Bombing – 2019


Armed Citizen’s Response to an Active Shooter - 2019

LE Simunition Instructor Course – 2018

Dave Spaulding LE Combat Pistol – 2017

Firearm Tactics For High Risk Arrest Situations – 2017

Concealed Carry – Off Shift Survival – 2017

Maximizing Performance with Smaller Defensive Handguns – 2017

Offensive Shooting - 2017

Dave Spaulding Combat Pistol – 2017

Sig Sauer Academy Law Enforcement Patrol Rifle Instructor - 2016

IALEFI LEO Master Instructor program Pistol/Shotgun/Tactical Rifle - - 2016

Law of Defense Instructor course – 2016

LE Simunition Instructor Course – 2015

Utah CCW class – 2015

MLEFIAA LEO CCW and Performance Carbine class  - 2014

MLEFIAA LEO Advanced Patrol Rifle – 2014

Shock knife Instructor class – 2014

Chief Ron Glidden – MA Guns Laws - 2014

Sig Sauer Academy Master Pistol Instructor – 2013

LEO Simunition Instructor certification class

S&W Academy Edge Weapon Awareness – 2012

MLEFIAA – Advanced Pistol Skills – 2012

MLEFIAA – Point and Precision Shooting – 2012

MLEFIAA – Point Shooting a Handgun – 2012

Massachusetts LEOSA Instructor - 2012

NRA Law Enforcement Handgun and Shotgun Instructor - 2010

Sig Sauer Academy Law Enforcement Pistol Instructor – 2010

NRA Outside the Home Instructors class – 2007

IALEFI regional training conference - 2006 / NRA Shotgun Instructor’s course - 2006

Placed on New Hampshire Attorney General’s list of Instructors accredited to run the state’s lethal force class for Private Investigators and armed guards, and perform their firearm’s qualification – 2005

Street Survival Seminar – Calibre Press’ Law Enforcement Seminar Series – 2005

FBI Academy in Quantico VA – Firearms Training Unit - tactical handgun

SIGARMS Academy – Vision Enhancement/Low-light training and simmunitions – 1998

Lethal Force Institute – At Massad Ayoob’s invitation, taught tactical shooting clinic to an LFI III class. – 1997

National Tactical Invitational – NTI Range Officer Training - 1997

Farnam Advanced Defensive Handgun – movement/cover low-light shooting – 1996

SIGARMS Academy - Pistol Transition for Instructors – 1995

Farnam Advanced Defensive Handgun – Retention/Disarm and low-light shooting – 1994

Farnam Advanced Defensive Handgun – Discretionary shooting/low-light shooting – 1993

TAG Range Officer Course - 1993

Lethal Force Institute LFI II Lethal Threat Management – 1992

NRA Personal Protection Instructor class - 1992

Lethal Force Institute LFI I Judicious use of deadly force – 1991

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